Hi. I’m Wally!

Hi. I’m Wally!

 1 First FULLY climate controlled growing appliance.

 2 Temperature controlled to grow all types of temperate plants.

 3 Modular, home-growing cabinet, enough to feed you household.

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We all love having live plants,

But they’re tough to maintain!

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Space Saving - modular design.

Evergreen, all year round - climate controlled.

Hassle-Free - Just plug and play, water once a week.

Reduced risk of diseases - suspended roots in air.

Precise nutrient delivery - misted directly on the roots.

Increased root growth & plant yield - high exposure to oxygen.

Features & Functionality


AI, IoT & Machine Learning used to monitor and optimize plant growth conditions, including temperature, humidity, and light.

LED Grow Lights

Low voltage, high yield. Save power whilst providing necessary light for plant growth.

Automated Watering System

Provides the optimal amount of water to the plants.

Aeroponics Nutrient Delivery System

Designed to deliver just the right amount of nutrients to the plants. Uses 90% less water than traditional growing.

No Harmful Chemicals

Eliminates the need of using harmful pesticides.


Compact and space-saving, making it ideal for small apartments and urban environments.

Powered by AI

Grow, monitor, feedback, re-optimised With the feedback loop, the more we grow, the more we learn, and the better your Wally grows.

Easy Operation

Simple set up and operation with interchangeable plant trays.


Technical Specifications


1 Tier

Dimension : 
685mm (W) x 530mm (D) x 941mm (H)

Weight : 55kg

Power : 110W

Water Volume : 20litre

Yield : 11 plants

2 Tier

Dimension : 
685mm (W) x 530mm (D) x 1361mm (H)

Weight : 70kg

Power : 170W

Water Volume : 20litre

Yield : 22 plants

3 Tier

Dimension : 
685mm (W) x 530mm (D) x 1781mm (H)

Weight : 86kg

Power : 230W

Water Volume : 20litre

Yield : 33 plants

4 Tier

Dimension : 
685mm (W) x 530mm (D) x 2201mm (H)

Weight : 102kg

Power : 290W

Water Volume : 20litre

Yield : 44 plants

*Wally also comes with interchangeable plant trays where you can grow vegetables in an entire tray like a microgreen

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