We built a Greenhouse system for Republic Polytechnic!


We built a Greenhouse system for Republic Polytechnic! cover image

In partnership with Republic Polytechnic Singapore, the Ripe team built two of our Aeroponic Growing Systems to be displayed in the upcoming launch of Republic Polytechnic's new Greenhouse.

The first growing system we built is installed in their upcoming Greenhouse, a single-layer Aeroponic system with two separate reservoirs, timer-based aeroponic sprays, and 4 chambers of growing space.


This system is optimised for growing aeroponic vegetables supplemented with natural light from the Greenhouse, hence the single-layer orientation. This is our first time trying out a system without artificial lights as well, so we're excited to see the outcome from this too.


Not only that, we also built another system to be installed in their Agriculture Technology Innovation Lab! A multi-layer Indoor Aeroponic Vertical Grow Rack, equipped with artificial lights that can be adjusted to suit different plant varieties' light requirements.


We were super excited to also be featured on Channel News Asia during Republic Polytechnic's official Greenhouse Launching as well!


We hope the students at RP will have a productive research growing with our Aeroponic systems, and we're looking forward to seeing the results of their research too!