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Vertical Farming: A Conscious Sustainability Step

Elevate your commercial ethos with Ripe's sustainable solutions, championing ESG excellence, promoting employee welfare, and enriching community engagement.

Transforming F&B with Wally

Elevate Your
Gastronomic Experience

Elevate Your Gastronomic Experience

Captivate your customers with the appeal of fresh produce and the unforgettable garden-to-table experience.

Optimizing Workspaces

Cultivate a Green Oasis
in Your Workplace

Cultivate a Green Oasis in Your Workplace

Champion sustainability and healthier eating habits among your employees. Elevate well-being and foster team bonding through engaging gardening activities & experiences.

Innovating the Education Experience

Ignite Tomorrow's

Ignite Tomorrow's Innovators

Immerse students with hands-on activities highlighting the importance of sustainability and nutrition, empowering them as catalysts for positive change, equipped for a brighter, healthier future.

Enhancing Health Care

Embrace Nature's
Healing Touch

Embrace Nature's Healing Touch

Offer aesthetically pleasing greenery and nutritious dining choices for patients, fostering a sense of rejuvenation and tranquillity.

Embracing Sustainable Practices

Cutting Food

Cutting Food Miles

Grow fresh, local produce anywhere

Zero Food
Waste Approach

Zero Food Waste Approach

Harvest only what you need

Home Gardening

Sustainable Home Gardening

Grow fresh, pesticide- free produce at home


Environmental Responsibility

90% less water, no pollution from nutrient runoff


Sustainable Education

Empowering eco-conscious gardening and food production

Championing global progress with UNSDGs

Join the movement with Wally, Make a difference NOW!

Impactful Partnerships:

Impactful Partnerships:

Building Stronger Communities, Together

In collaboration with The Lost Food Project (TLP), we've developed tailored programs for our corporate partners to actively give back to communities in need, fostering a culture of support and solidarity.

Unsure about your fresh harvest surplus?

Unsure about your fresh harvest surplus?

TLP offers convenient pickup services for your harvest surplus, ensuring it reaches those in need. Making a difference has never been simpler.

Embrace Giving Back through CSR!

Embrace Giving Back through CSR!

Join forces with TLP in our CSR activities, where your team can actively participate in tasks like sorting vegetables and engaging workshops. Together, let’s make a meaningful difference.

Stories of Wally’s Impact

I was initially skeptical about Wally, but it has exceeded my expectations. It's compact, easy to set up, and really produces fresh veggies!

Sze Ling Thiam

Ripefresh and Republic Polytechnic deepen collaboration in training and research, using aeroponic system, for growing various vegetables and fruiting crops efficiently, including Asian leafy greens, cherry tomatoes, carrots, and radishes.

Dr Ritu Bhalla

Republic Polytechnic

I prioritize quality ingredients at DC Restaurant. Ripe's pesticide-free greens allows me to showcase incredible flavours in my dishes. I highly recommend their fresh produce.

Darren Chin

Michelin Star Chef, DC Restaurant

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